On this special holiday episode, Desi and Chris count down the top ten biggest earners in eSports of 2013. Want to see who’s at #1? Watch and find out! Watch the episode below! And be sure to bookmark so […]

On this episode of the eSports Report, we are joined by special guests Trevor “Quickshot” Henry, who talks about League of Legends, and “Solid” Jake Kulinski, who talks about recent developments with Super Smash Brothers. In this episode there are […]

On this episode of the eSports Report, we are joined by special guests Beyond the Summit’s David “Godz” Parker and NEC champion Justin Wong. Dota2 Commentator Godz discusses casting in Dota2 tournaments, the hottest Dota2 teams at the moment, and his experiences […]

On this episode of the eSports Report, we are joined by special guest Sir Scoots, who shares his expert opinion on the Counter-Strike resurgence, and TeamEnvyUS’s Hastro! We also bring you all the exciting recaps from the last two weeks […]

I am so honored to be featured in this month’s issue of Vicissitude Magazine! It was one of the more in-depth interviews I’ve ever experienced; we talked about growing up in the Bronx, the past 8+ years I’ve spent in […]

This week on eSports Report, there’s a lot to be thankful for! We give you all the highlights from the MLG Championship, including all the amazing wins and brutal losses from CoD: Ghosts and DotA 2. Check out the replay […]

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After a several-months-long hiatus, Awaken Inspire  Create is BACK! And this time, we are featuring super-talented musician Leni Stern, as we take a sneak peak behind the scenes of her latest album, Jelell. As the first show I have ever […]

Another week, another edition of the eSports Report! This time we dive into MLG Championship news – that’s right, it starts this Friday November 22nd! Find out who will be broadcasting from Columbus, as well as the top five plays […]

Should America’s favorite cookie be classified as a controlled substance? According to a new lab study, Oreos may be just as addictive as cocaine! Check out the video on Yahoo Shine Latina, as I report direct from Buzz60: See Video […]