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Last week on TryOut Workout we wound down with some relaxing yoga, so this week, we turned up the heat and hit CrossFit NYC for a sweat-breaking, muscle-building, strength-training workout that really burned those calories!

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TryOut Workout Crossfit - make a muscle!When I think of CrossFit, I think: extreme workout. I imagine big guys in muscle-baring tanks doing 100 reps of EVERYTHING, while the rest of us weaklings can only look on with mixed admiration and fear lol. But I’m up for anything, so when TryOut Workout visited CrossFit NYC, I was ready…At least, I thought I was!

Trainer Sofia did a great job of explaining everything so that following along was easy. With Crossfit, the exercises are done quickly, in succession, with great variety. First she went through each movement individually, so I’d know what to do, and then, she started the stopwatch…

While each individual exercise was relatively easy (I even got help with my pull-ups from these huge elastic rubber bands), doing multiple reps of each back-to-back, proved to be a challenge. I never thought so many body parts could hurt at once! But true to Sofia’s prediction, even I, a beginner, was able to get through the W.O.D. (check the video to see what that is), and it felt SO good at the end when I heard my time. I came, I sweated, I conquered!

Check out this fun Vine we made at right –>

This was the most challenging workout in the TryOut Workout series so far, and I’m so glad I gave it a go. Watch the full videos here », and if you want to try CrossFit for yourself, head over to CrossFit NYC, and don’t forget to let me know how it goes, in the comments below!




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