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Have you ever seen graceful dancers up in the air, suspended upon colorful swaths of silk, twirling and tumbling at special events? Ever wanted to give it a try for yourself? Well I have, and I did! Check out this week’s episode of HealthiNation’s TryOut Workout: Aerial Silks!

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Heliummm Aerial Dance is headed up by Heather Hammond, international dancer and celebrated aerial artist. I caught up with her at Hype Gym, where she introduced me to a workout like no other. First off was the warm-up: in particular a stretching, yoga-type pose; and an intense abdominal exercise that left me panting!

And now for the fun part: Time to climb the silks and put some distance between me and that floor mat! Heather started me off easy – teaching me how to grip the silks with hands and feet, and led me through a few techniques to get me used to them. Next thing I knew – I was upside down! Seriously, how could this get any more fun?


There’s even more to this workout in the video, so don’t forget to check out the full episode here.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to bringing a group of friends back to take this awesome class again, and encourage you all to do the same! šŸ™‚




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