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Now, I know what you guys are thinking. “Gyrotonic? That hip new drink/dance craze all the kids are into, right?” Hehe, well, Gyrotonic is actually an amazingly comprehensive workout utilizing a weight-and-pulley system to provide unique resistance for all those underused muscles. This week on HealthiNation’s TryOut Workout, we take Pilates to a whole new level!

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blog2013_10tryoutworkout-gyrotonicKinespirit NYC‘s Madison Park locale has a beautiful, warm atmosphere, true to their holistic approach to wellness. I entered a room lined with intricate wood-crafted contraptions that reminded me more of  Leonardo Da Vinci inventions than machinery at a gym.

Chantal of Kinespirit led me through all the basics of a great Gyrotonic workout, starting with my spine. Slow rolling motions and twists of my back helped prepare me for the gyrating movements ahead.

After the warm-up, it was over to the machines to try my “hand” at the handles. Chantal described the “Arch & Curl” as a swimming motion, and it was definitely just as relaxing. Controlled, flowing movement of my arms and spine addressed so many muscle groups! On the next Gyrotonic device, it was time for my legs to get a workout, and the feeling was unlike any I had experienced in a workout before.

After my Gyrotonic workout, I felt calm, yet energized. It reminded me a little of Yoga, but a bit more strenuous in the way it triggered my awareness of the various muscles, ligaments, and joints involved. Overall, a very fulfilling workout, and you can watch it here !





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