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How cool do surfers look catching monster waves? Still, as awesome as surfing probably is, the fear of wiping out keeps this girl landbound! But that doesn’t mean I can’t learn the basics & get a great workout :). On this episode of HealthiNation’s TryOut Workout, I head to Chelsea Piers to experience Surfset Fitness.

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tryoutworkout-surfsetBefore I heard about Surfset, I had no idea anything like this even existed — surfing on dry land? But it’s true: with Surfset Fitness, myself and a handful of other fitness seekers set foot on surfboards for the first time, and didn’t even need a wetsuit!

Our instructor Kelly was super-knowledgeable and experienced. She led us through a fun routine that incorporated balance, yoga, and even aerobic exercise. The boards tipped and bucked just like real surfboards, so it took lots of intense concentration, especially at the beginning, to keep steady. Working out your core = Say hello to your new washboard abs!

As things progressed, the moves got quicker, raising our heart rates and getting a good sweat going. There were lots of stumbles as us newbies figured out how to balance and jump around and hold yoga poses all at once (!), but the camaraderie of the class was so warm and encouraging, that there were smiles even through the toughest exercises. By the end of the class, we were all so much improved, we definitely had a collective sense of pride in our accomplishment.

Check out the highlights in our Vine! –>

Bonus: Kelly showed me some moves we can do at home, to get in some practice and improve our balance and strength in between classes. Check out the bonus footage »

This was definitely one of the most fun workouts so far in the TryOut Workout series, so I recommend that you head on over to Chelsea Piers to try it out for yourself — and bring a friend! To learn more, check out the full episode here ». Surf’s up!




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