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After a month of filming (and still more to go) and traveling, I am so excited to finally be able to share my new project with the world! Watch here »

“Night Out” is a new co-branded micro-series which Viacom is rolling out across all brands this summer, sponsored by Wendy’s, and hosted by yours truly!

Each 90-second episode airs repeatedly for one week during late-night commercial breaks, and features a top celebrity talent from each channel. Basically, I go out to a celebrity’s hometown, and then they take me along on an amazing nighttime adventure that just gets better as it gets later.

The first episode, featuring music duo Timeflies, is on the air this week on MTV between the hours of 11pm and 1am. Or you can see it right now online at 🙂


These guys were totally down to earth — They didn’t skip a beat when I asked them to freestyle in the studio (Cal’s voice was on point and wow could Rez play those keys!), and def didn’t let the unexpected monsoon-like rain (seriously lol) stop us from having fun! I even learned the Timeflies handshake, and discovered that Cal is somewhat of a pool shark hehe. Rez still owes me a demo of the heel-toe step he promised me on the subway, but hey, we can always save that for another Night Out! 🙂

All in all, I have had such a great time so far, meeting these wonderful and talented artists, exploring cities (including my own), and feeling like a college kid staying out ’til all hours. And I have so many more exciting guests coming up — so stay tuned!!


Desi 🙂


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