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I never took ballet as a child; my half-geek/half-tomboy self couldn’t bear the thought of wearing a tutu! 😉 But as I got older, I realized that I’d missed out on a really great workout…Well, no more! This week on HealthiNation’s TryOut Workout, we explore a unique ballet-inspired exercise class that’ll give you that lean dancer’s body, while leaving the tutu at home!

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Pure Barre NYC‘s Union Square location boasts a spacious and light-filled studio with carpeted floors & plenty of equipment, complete with a ballet barre. Instructor Caitlin led the class, directing us through floor stretches, weight routines, and of course, the barre exercises!

If you’ve never worked with a ballet barre before, gotta tell you – it’s really fun! Especially lined up with the other ladies, I almost felt like I was auditioning for a guest role on “Breaking Pointe,” especially when the burn started kicking in! Let me explain: Pure Barre utilizes small, isometric movements to sculpt the body, and although it looks easy, after many repetitions you definitely feel it. I did, and by the end of the workout, I was shaking!

<– Here’s a sneak peek exercise in our TryOut Workout Vine!

In addition to the group class, Caitlin gave me a one-on-one demo of some exercises you can try at home; check them out here ».

Pure Barre is definitely a different sort of exercise class that’s not only fun, but also gives you a great workout. Even as a beginner I got a lot out of it, so go try it for yourself, and learn more by watching the show!




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