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Subheader: ‘Latination will be filmed for the first time from Chicago’

By Alejandro Riera, (original is in Spanish)

The producers of “Latination”, the cultural magazine program directed towards second and third generation Latinos, have visited Chicago previously to film specific segments for their series. But they have never presented the program directly from our city until three weeks ago, when they picked the National Museum of Mexican Art as a location to film the intros to the segments of the program.

The producers and Desi Sanchez, co-host of Latination”, took advantage of their stay to film various additional segments that will air in the following weeks. The program filmed in the Museum will air Sunday, May 4 at 11pm on Channel 50, MyTV50/WPWR.

“The Mexican community is so large and strong that it was natural for us to pick a location that celebrates that culture in particular.

The Museum is beautiful, the art that it presents combines both modern and ancient Mexican culture”, explained Desi.

This next Sunday’s episode will include a profile of local artist Nino Rodriguez, whose work incorporates Aztec symbols and graffiti.

Future episodes will include a profile of check Rick Bayless, owner of restaurants Frontera Grill and Topolobampo, and another on the afrocuban band The Chicago Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble.

At the moment, the producers of “Latination” are searching for a correspondent in Chicago who can supply reports from our city. “We are looking for someone who represents the perfect fusion between Latino and American culture, definitely modern and young, and who can articulate the needs and interests of a new generation of Latinos”, explained Desi.

LATV, the company that produces and distributes “Latination” and “American Latino TV” recently arrived at an agreement with Tribune Broadcasting to distribute its programming through three of its affiliates: WGN-TV in Chicago, WPIX-TV in New York and KDAF-TV in Dallas, TX.

“’Latination’ and ‘American Latino TV’ have so been in the forefront of this movement of culturally relevant, English-language programming for Hispanics. We have opened the doors to what we hope will be a flood of programming for this new demographic: US-born Latinos, whose first language is English, but who maintain a strong connection with Hispanic culture”, concluded Sanchez.

For more information on this and other programs produced by LATV, visit

Photo caption: Desi Sanchez thinks that ‘Latination’ has opened the doors to programs in English directed toward a new generation of Latinos.


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